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Hey! (: You want the link to the theo james/shailene woodley video, right? I know the link but I don't know how to write it to you xD I'm too stupid for this. Can you help me?

Sure, just talk to me;) Do you use tumblr on a computer or mobile device?

(ps. thanks a heap!)

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    How was your experience meeting for the first time?

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    You’re welcome ;-)

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    Theo James arriving for an appearance on the David Letterman Show (March 2014)

    His smile in the first one :)

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    Pre-production starts January 2015.

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    ATTENTION: New website launches soon. Please follow. #TruthIsComing 

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    Superheroes by The Script

    This song is Fourtris. Like/reblog if you agree.

    I’m not even joking when I say I thought the same exact thing when I heard this song for the first time

  • He is strong, and lithe, and certain.
    And he is
    m i n e.

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    Old photos. Thanks @dvgtworld.

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    theo james: a summary